Mini Cruises

Fancy a short break? More relaxing than usual? Different? then look no further than a weekend mini cruise break. Mini cruises are popular from the UK into mainland Europe and focus mainly on price and relaxation, cheap mini cruises definitely offer more than a flight, train or car ride.

Why? well after a busy week slaving for your boss, once your board the ferry or mini cruise you have your own space, compare that to a car, a train or plane and you’ll soon feel the difference.

No undressing for checks, no shoulder to shoulder cattle rides, just you and your partner in your room and a day or two’s sail from a leisurely and relaxing walk around a foreign city. Bliss. It’s no wonder that when not in a rush and simply wish to relax that many opt for mini cruises to solve their getaway break dreams.

UK Mini Cruises And Destinations

Holland, Spain, Portugal, France are all withing a few days sail from UK ports such as Newcastle, London Harwich, Hull, Portsmouth, Southampton and Newport. Pack a small bag, take the camera and off you go on the high seas to discover a city in another country – your neighbours won’t even know you’ve left!!

Mini Cruises depart from UK ports to Amsterdam, Bruges, Rotterdam, Bilbao, Esbjerg, Haarlem, Ribe, Conpehnagen, oslo, Le Havre, La Rochelle, Bilbao, Corunna, Brest, Vigo, Lisbon and Cork are just a few of the many short cruise and mini cruise destinations that can be reached within a few days.

Cheap Mini Cruises And Mini Cruise Deals

Travel is such a wonderfully competitive sector and when searching for bargains, deals and discounts online that means you will usually find them and iCruise is here to assist. Mini Cruises are fantastic for people who wish to get away for a weekend in the middle of a busy work schedule, beg for the Monday off and you break is complete.

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