Cruises From UK

There’s only one factor that gets in the way of a cruise holiday being simple and that reason is a lot of the more exotic locations, tours and destinations leave from ports in Europe and the Americas which require a flight first but there are cruises from the UK too.

Are There Cruises From UK Ports?

Yes, there are increasingly more cruise ships setting sail from UK shores and offering cruises from UK ports. P and O have the Azura and Ventura running out of Southampton and if you need New York then Cunard Line leaves from Portsmouth.

Other Cunard cruise liners sail to the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the Caribbean on the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. For those looking to cruise from the UK you will be spoilt for choice on luxury, price as well as destinations.

Dover and Southampton offer a great many cruises from the UK. Cruise lines with Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and NCL all running routes to Scandinavia, Norway, Russia, Iceland, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain and the Channel Islands. See, plenty of choice when choosing cruises from the UK.

Cheap Cruises From UK, Inclusions And Exclusions

As with an deal or bargain and offering you should check the fine print of any cheap cruises from the UK. Cruise liners are generally reputable and upstanding but it is a different travel experience, things you would expect to have included on some types of holiday like package or air aren’t always included on cruise shops from the UK.

What you can expect on cruises from the UK is a cabin, that goes without saying, all meals and entertainment are covered too but cruises do like to make money on what you drink, so anything other than table water and maybe coffee or tea and you’re paying.

Other exclusions on cruises from the UK are shore excursions when sight seeing and that all important cruise insurance which is usually required to be bought separately.

Fuel Supplements On Cruises From UK Ports

The one item that surprises many is the fuel supplement, due to the fluctuations in the cost of fuel, a fuel supplement may be in place for cruises from the UK. This will either be a daily charge up to a maximum for the journey or a percentage of total booking price, or if you’re lucky, suspended.

Cruises from the UK have all the luxury and decadence as those from around the world, just usually with a little extra British touch, some cruise ships are made for the British from furniture to service. If you’re looking for an American style cruise, catch a plane or seek our non English cruise ships leaving from UK ports.