Cruise Insurance

When travelling by cruise liner and spending the majority of your holiday on a cruise, your hotel room is the cabin, your luggage and belongings are all stowed and money is paid in advance for meals for the entire break. But will your current travel insurance be enough so act as cruise insurance too?

Stuck On A Cruise With Cruise Insurance

It’s worth ensuring you have specialist cruise insurance to cover you, your family and all eventualities. Holidays are great, once you arrive they allow you to relax but what happens when things go wrong and you’re adrift between countries or visiting several, where do you stand?

Holidays don’t go sour often but when they do they can leave you stranded at airports, without a hotel room and possibly without luggage too.

It really is best to ensure you’re covered by the very best holiday insurance and travel insurance that you can afford to buy and that acts as cruise insurance when sailing on a cruise ship for several days.

Worldwide Travel And Holiday Cruise Insurance Cover

Standard travel insurance and holiday insurance should cover for cruise insurance too, however it’s best to seek specialist cruise insurance so that certain elements of the policy pay out the correct amounts should anything occur and you need to claim.

Due to the unusual location of a cruise ship, consider the major differences between normal travel insurance and specialist cruise insurance. Should you get ill and require an air lift, you’re bound to be in a remote part of the world, the right 24 hour emergency medical is important along with repatriation.

Other specialist terms pertaining to cruise insurance will be lengthy tours up to six months, cancellation of cruise in excess of £10,000, insurance claims against cabin confinement – not much of an holiday when restricted to a six foot by twelve foot room.

Also consider curtailment and departure delay – which will muck up the return. Other normal policy parts will cover personal and public liability and loss or theft of personal belongings.

Specialist cruise insurance can save the day in more than one way should you need to claim and can often pay out more on specific situations that normal run of the mill travel insurance can’t cover.

Compare Cheap Cruise Insurance Quotes

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